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Our history goes back to 300 years ago...

1718 – 2018

Casa dos Gomes (Gomes' House) was built in 1718 and has always been the home of the Gomes Family, which developed and maintained it from generation to generation.

In its three centuries of history, Casa dos Gomes has been through a lot and, if its walls could speak, we would hear the story of a country: the abolition of slavery and of the death penalty, a civil war, the invasion of French troops who shot at the barrels of wine in our house's cellar to drink what was stored there, the fall of portuguese monarchy, the period of dictatorship and our revolution. During these times the house was a school, parish and family residence. For three hundred years, it has also served as a topographic reference for the quiet village of São João de Lourosa and we will never know what all those who leaned over these windows saw, felt or thought, those who crossed the threshold of these doors, those who sat on the porch. We can never know what thoughts assaulted them, but the marks of their passage remained. And if the physiognomy of the house is three hundred years old, its oldest record is in the form of a small grave, which was called “Sepultura dos Mouros” or, translated, "The Moorish Grave", as a way of marking an approximate origin for a construction that exceeds the age of the property.

Located in the beautiful central region of Portugal, close to Serra da Estrela, renowned for its magnificent cuisine, high quality of its wines and magnificent cheeses.

In this magnificent rural house, you will find family comfort, the peacefulness of the fields that surround you, the song of the swallows and their sweeping flights in the pool. Ideal for a few days of rest and a chance to visit the city of Viseu, that is just 10-minute drive away.

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